Inemuri 2

Fragile sounds soak through the waking-sleeping senses of the passengers in a subway car somewhere in Japan, blending in with the ambient rhythms and creating the daywalking world of inemuri.

"To be present and asleep at the same time"
Inemuri is the art of taking a nap anywhere and anytime.
Wedged into the crowd on the subway, sitting at the bar in a restaurant, or even during important business conferences: In Japan, the sight of people holding short and refreshing naps is anything but out of the common.
A motorbike is speeding through a quiet and peaceful residential district: Often, sound is not just sound. The driver just loves the sound of his machine, the residents are merely bugged by the noise. This is a well-known psycho-acoustic correlation. What is much less known is the fact that the driver´s perception of the environment is totally different from that of the residents due to mysterious phenomenons of overlaying and influencing.
So, what will happen when you sleep in public? How does the sleeper perceive the sounds that surround him, how do these sounds change in connection with the cognitive deprivation caused by his sleep, his dreams?

On their album "Inemuri", the HULU PROJECT uses bizarre rhythms and fragile sound fabrics, sometimes interspersed by melodic fragments played by a guitar or a mandolin, to describe this condition between dream, reality and publicness. Atmospheric, meditative, wild and fractured – a trip for the senses! Minimalistic impressions burst upon atonal electronic ambience, breath-taking collages collide with heavily rocking industrial riffs.
The boundary between sound and noise becomes blurred: a discoursive relationship The sound paintings are like multi-layered sonorous architectural fabrics. The art of advanced listening – rangy, minimalistic, and of a refreshing slowness.

(Hubl Greiner)

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